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Service Contract Information

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What is offered as a standard part of our service contract program?

As a member of our program we will come to your boat bi-weekly and run the engine(s), check fluids and gearshift operation, trim operation, ignition output. We will lube all moving parts, inspect for wear and corrosion and repair as required. We will inspect all battery cables, switches and load test batteries. We will test bilge pump(s) operation in both manual and automatic modes. We will test operation of all accessories onboard and replace any defective parts (at additional charge at member labor rates plus parts at member rates).

We also create a service file and keep a history on services performed and schedule annual services for 100 hour service needs, all at discounted prices. We will supply you with a printout of service with each monthly billing cycle which you may keep for your records. This service record will show all collected engine and vessel information each month that will be a bonus to you when and if you choose to sell your vessel in the future.

Membership benefits:

Parts are billed to you at cost plus ten percent. Service labor rates are at $75.00 per hour for all repairs made which are outside of normal monthly rate charges so you will save $20.00 per hourplus 5 to 25% on parts.

Monthly Costs

Single engine 2 stroke outboard rates : $150.00
Dual engine 2 stroke outboard rates : $225.00
single engine 2 stroke DFI outboard rates : $175.00
Dual engine 2 stroke DFI outboard rates : $250.00
Single engine 4 stroke outboard rates : $190.00
Dual engine 4 stroke outboard rates : $280.00
Multi DFI outboard rates : $!40.00 per engine
Multi 4 stroke outboard rates : $160.00 per engine
Single engine I/O rates : $225.00
Dual engine I/O rates : $350.00
Multi engine I/O rates : $200.00 per engine
Single inboard rates : $225.00
Dual inboard rates : $350.00
Additional charges for auxiallry engines : $50.00
Additional charges for Gensets : $75.00 each
Additional charges for electric trolling motors : $35.00
Additional charges for electric bow thrusters : $25.00
Additional charges for electric anchor windlass : $20.00

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